• What is a Medical Grade HEPA Filter?
    The medical-grade HEPA filter is popularly used in electronic control and pharmaceutical production rooms. This is because it can confine airborne contaminants for a longer time. The range of fibers used in making medical-grade filters is more powerful compared to that of a True HEPA.
    This means they can remove small particles at an increased rate. Are you comparing different types of best air purifiers in physical stores or online? If you are, it's important to know whether they use True HEPA filters. If you're looking for a high-density filter that offers maximum cleaning services then medical-grade HEPA is what you need.
    Application size200m虏Product size550*550*1780mm
    weight60kgEnviromentMedical, Commercia, and Domestic
    Material ComsuptionnoRated Power495WAir Clearer supplier

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