• Are polarized sunglasses right for you?

    The glare-reducing perks of polarized lenses

    Polarized sunglasses are known for their ability to block the

    glare that reflects off of certain surfaces. This makes them very popular among people who spend a lot of time outdoors, on

    the road and around bodies of water.

    But polarized sports sunglasses are not just for people who

    love boating, fishing or lounging on the beach. Anyone who is bothered by outdoor glare can benefit from this type of

    sunglass lens.

    Polarized sunglasses can be helpful for driving too,

    since they reduce the glare that reflects off of cars and light-colored pavement.

    Some light-sensitive people, including those who have recently had cataract surgery, can also benefit from polarized


    What does polarized mean?

    When a lens is polarized, it has a built-in filter that blocks bright, reflected light. This intense light is known as


    When glare is reduced, your eyes feel more comfortable and you can see your surroundings more clearly.

    Sunlight scatters in all directions. But when it strikes flat surfaces, the reflected light tends to become polarized,

    meaning the reflected rays travel in a more uniform (usually horizontal) direction.

    This creates an annoying, sometimes dangerous intensity of light that can reduce visibility.

    Polarized sunglasses

    Men polarized sunglasses offer

    a few advantages when it comes to combating bright sunlight:

    Excellent glare reduction around bodies of water

    Better visibility while you're driving

    More vibrant colors and contrast among outdoor scenery

    People who spend a lot of time driving during the day should experience better comfort and visibility with polarized

    glasses. That, in turn, can help them drive more safely and confidently.

    However, keep in mind that drivers, boaters and pilots may experience problems seeing certain digital displays on

    instrument panels while they are wearing polarized sunglasses. This can be a problem if a split-second decision depends on

    the information displayed on a screen.

    Different optical glasses frame materials greatly

    expand your options for a new look. While shopping for new eyeglasses or sunglasses, ask your optician for advice about

    variety in colors, durability, lightness, favorite brands, hypoallergenic materials, uniqueness and price.

    In fact, finding eyeglasses with the qualities that are most important to you could be as simple as choosing the right

    glasses frame material, since each type has

    its own unique strengths. If you're shopping online, be sure to use the retailer's material filter while browsing

    eyeglasses to ensure you find what you are looking for.

    People have started to worry about the health effects of blue light emitting from screens. For this reason, more and

    more people are wearing blue light glasses. These are glasses that contain lenses that partially block short-wave blue light.

    Blue light blocking glasses

    are glasses that manufacturers claim can filter out blue light. The glasses have filtering materials or surface

    coatings on the lenses that block a portion of blue light. People who think that their eye and vision symptoms are due to

    blue light exposure may wear them to decrease their exposure to it.

    A majority of the children do not need to wear spectacles. But sometimes a child may need them. This article is about

    children needing to wear glasses and has some ideas on how to make them wear their glasses without qualms.

    How a pair of glasses fits your child is important. Kids glasses

    are not to be considered as small versions of adult glasses. The cheeks and noses of adults are of different

    proportions than children. Spectacle frames need to take these differences into account if they are to fit properly. When

    assisting your child in choosing eyewear, experienced children opticians keep these factors in mind.

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