• Company Profile
    Chengdu Bosheng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. The company covers an area of about 13,000 銕? with a workshop area of about 8,000銕?It has more than 150 sets of various processing machines, inspection and measurement equipments, more than 150 employees and 85% of its products are exported to European and American markets. Long-term focus on customer-customized small and medium-sized precision machinery processing and manufacturing, mainly providing various precision parts and components for medical equipment, food packaging machinery, mechanical automation, automotive inspection and other industries. We are proficient in the core points of European and American machinery manufacturing, practice the production management standards of Fortune 500 companies, and are a long-term strategic supplier certified by Bosch. Our company has passed the ISO9001, ISO14001 certification. Our current main customers are BOSCH, Caire, HOMAG, Penn Engineering, ASA HYDRAULIK, MULTIVAC, etc...
    Company History
    Became Bosch's core supplier since 2014
    Bosch Essential supplier start from 2014
    Passed ISO9001 quality management certification in 2016
    2016 Certificate ISO9001
    2017 Passed ISO14001 environmental management certification
    2017 Certificate ISO14001
    Quality Control
    Quality Slogan: Good quality earn good customer
    Quality Management Implement: According to ISO9001 system and Bosch's quality management requirements.
    Quality Management: We are equipped with all necessary quality inspection devices. Follow our inspection plan, deliver qualified parts according the drawing.
    Quality Inspection Equipment
    Bosheng equipped well maintained machines has the strong ability to provide high precision parts manufacturing, including machining and surface treatment.
    Bosheng will keep investing machines to provide higher precision parts for our customers.
    Quality inspection: We are equipped with all necessary quality inspection devices
    Surface Treatment
    We have a painting and power coating workshop, who are providing high standard painting part and powder coating part for Bosch packaging parts and Bosch power tools parts.Clear Anodizing manufacturers

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