• Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer
    EDX-8000 SDD XRF Gold Testing Machine
    Fast and Non-Destructive Gold and Precious Metals Analysis
    For assayers and refiners of precious metals, material analysis machine must fulfill exacting test request. Just determining the accurate gold concentration is fairly not enough: It is important to verify the complete chemical concentrations of all the impurities alloys, including elements like Silver (Ag), Palladium (Pd), Platinum (Pt) and also non-precious metals of Copper (Cu), Nickel (Ni), Lead (Pb), Mercury (Hg), Iron (Fe), Tin (Sn), Zinc (Zn), Cobalt (Co) and Cadmium (Cd). In addition to reliably acquiring precise, accurate, and reproducible results, the perfect analysis procedure should also be fast, easy to use, and 鈥?of course! 鈥?non-destructive.
    With the latest Silicon Drift Detector technology, EDX-8000 ensures the highest precision with the shortest test time. Higher Count rates, better spectrum resolution with small 1mm spot size of collimator are all critical parameters for the gold analysis application, which are all achieved by the EDX-8000 XRF spectrometer. This application note proves that EDX8000 is mature enough to establish clear qualitative and quantitative characterization of the gold value as well as Karat grade.
    The Working Principle of XRF
    Features and Benefits
    >Large sample chamber with the best performance Silicon Drift Detector
    >Fast Results
    >Totally non-destructive Analysis
    >High-count throughput detection system result in significantly (typically a factor 3) lower limits of detection for a wide range of elements.
    >Auto select test mode depending on the sample matrix
    >Minimum Training required
    >Simultaneously analysis of all precious metals as well as the impurity alloys
    >Detector: High performance SDD
    >High CPS readout: 30,000-100,000
    >Digital Multichannel Analyzer: 4096 channels
    >X-ray excitation system:飪楶owerful Berkelium window 50 Watts air cooling X-ray tube
    Maximum voltage: 50Kv.
    Maximum current: 1000uA.
    >Measure time: 30 seconds for final report. 3 seconds gold karat identification.
    >Element Range: From Magnesium to Uranium
    >Built-in high resolution CCD sample camera
    >Power supply: 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
    >Sample chamber size: 410mm*330mm*140mm
    >Instrument Size: 500mm*500mm*390mm
    Wide calibration applications
    EDX 8000 has standard-less fundamental parameters calibration with automatically adjustment for different precious alloys (gold, silver, platinum, Palladium). Five standard curves are calibrated in the EDX8000 for precious metal application.
    1.Pure gold curve.
    2.Karat gold curve for white, yellow, pink, red and all other gold alloy.
    3.Platinum curve.
    4.Palladium curve.
    5.Sliver curve.
    All the curves are auto loaded by the program based on the spectrum shape.
    Graph 1-1 is typical gold spectrum with qualitative analysis information
    Graph 1-2 is the calibration curve of Gold. Y axis is theoretical intensity. X axis is measured intensity.
    >>>R2 is the coefficient of determination which shows how closely measured intensity and calculated theoretical intensity correlate to each other. After fitting a linear regression, the R2 value demonstrate the excellent linear of the calibration curve. In return, The excellent linear calibration curve ensures the wide range test accuracy from low to high karat of gold.
    Graph 1-2.
    High Precision Precious Metal XRF Analyzer
    One 18 Karat gold standard sample (75.10%) were tested 20 times in a row. Test report is shown as belowcheap XRF Gold Analyzer

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